Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

2hr. 20min. (1 intermission)


Final weeks to see Wonka on Broadway!

For more than 50 years Roald Dahl's story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory has captured imaginations around the world, and now for the first time Broadway audiences are invited to experience Willy Wonka's delightful and semi-dark chocolate world firsthand. Willy Wonka, world famous inventor of the Everlasting Gobstopper, has just made an astonishing announcement. His marvelous — and mysterious — factory is opening its gates…to a lucky few. That includes young Charlie Bucket, whose life definitely needs sweetening. He and four other golden ticket winners will embark on a mesmerizing, life-changing journey through Wonka's world of pure imagination. Get ready for chocolate waterfalls, exquisitely nutty squirrels, and the great glass elevator, all to be revealed by Wonka's army of curious Oompa-Loompas.

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