Racket, an organization cofounded by Broadway's Margo Seibert to help underserved women receive access to personal hygiene products, has teamed up with some of Seibert's Broadway pals for a new series of Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day videos to help remove the taboo surrounding women and their periods.

Watch one of the videos, starring Tony nominees Celia Keenan-Bolger and Phillipa Soo, below.

The videos are directed by Andrew Keenan-Bolger and Kate Wetherhead, with cinematography by Kyle Corea. The full cast includes Drew Gehling, Olli Haaskivi, Keenan-Bolger, Seibert, and Soo.

Founded by Seibert and novelist Caroline Angell, the organization describes its mission as follows: "Racket thinks that all people deserve a shame-free relationship with their periods regardless of socioeconomic circumstances. We believe that access to menstrual hygiene products is an essential part of building agency for all menstruating people, and are fighting for this access on many different fronts. We regularly partner with arts organizations, businesses, churches, and shelters to collect menstrual hygiene products, and help facilitate their distribution to people with limited access."

Additionally, the organaization "aims to remove the taboo surrounding menstruation in our culture. The more openly we talk about it, the less room there is for shame to play a role. In these videos, we imagine a world where if you love her, you #KnowTheFlow."

For more information and to watch additional videos, click here.