Ensemble Studio Theatre's Marathon 2006



Series A Preview May 23-25 8pm Run: May 26 8pm, May 27 3pm & 8pm, June 2 8pm, June 4 7pm, June 5 8pm, June 6 8pm, June 8 8pm, June 10 8pm Not all Korean Girls Can Fly by Lloyd Suh, directed by RJ Tolan The Other Woman by David Ives, directed by Walter Bobbie Davy & Stu by Anton Dudley, directed by Jordan Young Breakfast & Bed by Amy Fox, directed by Abigail Zealey Bess Series B Preview: May 30-June 1 8pm Run: June 3 3pm & 8pm, June 7 8pm, June 9 8pm, June 10 3pm, June 16 8pm, June 17 3pm, June 18 7pm, June 19 8pm Bone China by David Mamet, directed by Curt Dempster The 100 Most Beautiful Names of Todd by Julia Cho, director TBA On the Sporadic by James Ryan, directed by Charles Richter Intermission by Will Eno, directed by Michael Sexton Series C Preview: June 13-15 8pm Run: June 17 8pm, June 18 2pm, June 20 8pm, June 21 8pm, June 22 8pm, June 23 8pm, June 24 3pm & 8pm, June 25 7pm The Sissy Letters by Stephen Adly Guirgis, directed by Adam Rapp Lila on the Wall by Edward Allen Baker, directed by Kevin Confoy Detail by Michael Louis Wells, director TBA Bus to Buenos Aires - Book/Music by Thomas Mizer, Lyrics by Curtis Moore, directed by Carlos Armesto The Night Roger Went to Visit the Parents of his Old Highschool Girlfriend by Anne Marie Healey, directed by Andrew McCarthy

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EST Marathon 2006: Series C - Jun 17, 2006

EST Marathon 2006: Series A - May 30, 2006

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