Found Festival 2018

1hr. 30min. (3 intermission)


Found Festival is a newly formed play festival in New York City celebrating recent and soon-to-be graduates of the arts by promoting, publishing, and premiering their new works along with their peers. The festival is acting as a startup for us in Bia Theatre Ensemble; we are producing all these works with the goal to branch out to other companies to encourage producing young artist's works, by giving them a platform to debut their work. This year, we have three debut female playwrights, all exploring themes of loss and reconnection:

The Edge by Sarah Daniels

It's the end of a long shift at the bar. Old friends Sam and Jess spend their quiet early morning reconnecting with new secrets.

Proximity by Alexandra Lee

Forced to confront their inabilities to understand each other, four young adults come together to accept the loss of a loved one. Proximity digs up the music of Sam and how the four that loved him most can still hear it.

Swings by Joanna Whicker

Struggle does not lie in the ability to wallow, but in the ability to overcome. Marie, a woman who finds herself struggling in an abusive relationship, explores what it means to find self-acceptance from within.

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